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SOMEWANG is a design and manufacture packaging containers' solution supplier specialized in Beauty & Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals & Health, Food and Household.

SOMEWANG will be the global packaging partner of choice, focused on delivering innovative and sustainable end-to-end solutions with a strong focusing on customer delight. We will be a place where passion, empowerment and creativity are valued and balanced with strong work-ethic and a commitment to corporate social responsibility. We will work together to create and deliver extraordinary value for all our partners.

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$4.5 Trillion

By 2030, the circular economy is expected to create USD 4.5 trillion.

At SOMEWANG, our experts are dedicated to exploring possibilities to make packaging more sustainable - protecting the products we love while doing better for the planet.

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Common testing methods for cosmetic packaging

Common testing methods for cosmetic packa...

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How to design a popular product packaging?

When most companies mention brand upgrade, they often talk about packaging, how to reflect the sense of grade and high-end of products. Packaging upgrade has become a key part of brand upgrade. Man...

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What You Must Know About PCR Plastics

Through the unremitting efforts of several generations of chemists and engineers, plastics produced from petroleum, coal, and natural gas have become indispensable materia...

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